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Writing about why I am here seems fitting for my first-time blog. With strong fondness for vintage china (read: boxes and boxes of) and flair for creating, I was still not ready to stop collecting! It was time to find an outlet to foster this passion–making my collection useful rather than dormant and storage bound. Brainstorming ideas and research was a feel-good experience because vintage was such a hip thing! And I love sharing!

Mine is not a very different story from few others who love to collect; some of these collectors are purveying this unique idea based on their love for period goods. I had the pleasure of connecting with some amazing vendors around the US: Joanne from Rent Vintage China (NY-based, serving NY, NJ and CT), Lisa from Vintage Dish Company (catering to Seattle, WA brides), and Nancy and Leslie from China Dolls (two friends with never-ending supply of vintage china for the people of Durham, NC). It was so fun comparing notes with these awesome ladies…how miles apart, unknown to each other, we all share the same love! Please do click on their websites for the wonderful possibilities in the world of vintage china! The styling options for eclectic assortments are numberless - where no two weddings or no two tables in one wedding are same!

charming mix of vintage china

#introduction #mismatchingchina #weddings #teaparties

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