Bibliophilic Escapade

As an avid reader, I love books and incorporating them in different ways. Antique books have always decorated a beautiful library corner in a home and given the pride to the owner. Lately, books (and maps) are being cataloged as vintage decor items; a charm related to an "old look". This is in no way meant to come out as "books are getting obsolete", its just that their value has diversified. (I will bring map ideas to the blog in another post!). Here and there I find brides planning a bibliophile wedding reflecting their inclination towards reading. There are also hostesses who embody the look of old antique volumes lined up along with their other vintagey elements. Per se, a literary wedding is not "in" or "out of" fashion; the settling on the theme is personal. Using books, altered or antique is however an element that is gaining popularity for home decor as well as events. They hold a special place in tea parties for Jane Austen, book clubs or showers to add height to the centerpiece in rather attractive way.

I started making altered books almost year and a half ago for a DIY bride. The bride and I were both racing against time so I did what time permitted - stained them with orange pekoe tea and wrapped them in primitive doilies - the books turned out to be huge hit with the couple, her guests and my future brides. The wedding ended up being featured on a popular blog! Later at the leisure of time, I experimented more with the idea and brought in more design components to the pieces - tea stained them with a different blends, wrapped them in doilies, tied them in Victorian lace or hand-torn textiles, added burlap, flowers, pasted happy quotes. The "project book" continues to give me extreme joy. I have custom made these pieces for bibliophile weddings, rented them and sold them for variety of themed events. The books are a very multifaceted centerpieces for a vintage affair and bring a versatility to any corner or table ~ not to mention they provide a very unmistakable serenity to the environment!


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